Steve Jacques

With over 40 years’ specialized experience in National Security Space and Intelligence programs, Steve’s expertise involves the ability to “horizontally integrate” the critical disciplines of program management, the Administration’s budgetary process, and, particularly, the Congressional Authorization and Appropriation processes. He routinely interacts with the Space/Intelligence leadership throughout the Executive Branch and industry, members of Congress, and with professional staff members on the House and Senate Armed Services, Intelligence, Science, and Appropriations Committees.

A retired Air Force officer, Steve’s early career focused on DoD Space launch systems before, during and after the Space Shuttle Challenger accident, at the Program Office and Pentagon levels, directly supporting the Secretary of the Air Force’s determination to replace a Shuttle-only National Launch policy with complementary expendable launch vehicles, providing Assured Access to Space for critical DoD satellites.

Following a Pentagon tour managing classified Air Force space programs, Steve served as the Secretary of the Air Force’s Congressional Liaison for the Service’s Space and S&T programs and policies. He worked with his Air Force and Intelligence community counterparts, and congressional staffers alike to formulate strategies and advocate/ negotiate Hill support on the Administration’s key Space policies and programs.

Following a tour in the National Reconnaissance Office, he served as the Secretary of Defense’s Liaison to Congress for the Department’s Intelligence, Space, and Airborne Reconnaissance policies and programs. During this period, Steve dealt with Congress in the aftermath of the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, and was actively engaged to establish into law the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (now NGA).

Upon his Air Force retirement in 1998, and after a stint with the Raytheon Company as the company’s business development and Congressional Affairs director for Space and Intelligence programs, Steve formed the consulting firm Jacques & Associates, Inc, now part of Velos. In January 2004, Steve co-founded and served for three years as Vice President of Operations for the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit established to promote the geospatial intelligence community and host the annual GEOINT conference, which he created. In 2018, Steve founded the National Security Space Association and continues to serve as its Executive Director.

Steve Jacques