Strategy, Communications, and Business Development


Velos works with our clients to identify their strengths/capabilities, and alignment with US Government needs. We help plan, develop, and execute business strategy plans and provide advice on the realism of client plans considering the surrounding budgetary environment and the competitive marketplace. We help you set your goal, establish a path to reach that goal, and fortify that path by planning for every scenario. Velos offers comprehensive proposal management and coordination services tailored to your needs. We examine the scope of your project, budget constraints, and your deadline to determine how we can best serve you. We help you develop and execute your capture strategy to raise your competitiveness. The advantage of working with Velos is that we have the personnel who can fortify your path right down to the nuts and bolts. We are not only thinkers, but also doers. Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Augmentation of business development and marketing teams
  • Proposal management and coordination
  • Capture management